A cozy town of about 700, Belfelheim is a human town set in the nation of Zeal. Not really known for much other than being the home of the 11th Wizard House, the Belfelheim Academy and known for its excellent dye work, Belfelheim is home to a fairly common set of villagers. The exception in the common person is in their education facilities. Above average in both education and economic health, Belfelheim benefits from being near a crossroads connecting two capitals (Zealos and Farnir) and one large metropolis (Eventhel, largest city of Zeal). Travelers often will peel off of the main path they’re taking to stay at Belfelheim, and in recent years there has been talk of shifting the crossroads over to Belfelheim itself for the sake of travelers. At the same time, the town sprawl has steadily moved east toward the crossroads.

Vital Statistics


Urban: 622-629*
Rural: 50-57*
Total regional population: 679
*Reflects variance in place of residence depending on season.
Average age: 26.12
Percent of population 0-18: 44.77%
Percent of population 65+: 4.57%
Percent human: 88.51%


Temperate Flatlands
Belfelheim is located in the Anduit Belt, tucked southeast of the Yor’val Mountains. To the west flows the Korhel River, descending from Mount Gigas, and emptying out in the south in the Griphon Sea. The land is fairly fertile, only mildly elevated, and sparsely wooded, due to mass clearing by farmers in the area. The Grey Wood lies to the north, and the Silver Wood lies to the southwest. To the east are the Zeal Plains, a flat grassland criss-crossed by the Eventh River and it’s various tributaries.


Average annual income: 180g (or about 18 cows)
Average wealth: 2,758g (or about 275 cows)
Wealthiest person: 395,240g (or about 40,000 cows)
Total Wealth: 1,872,682 gold
Three most common industries: Dyes, magic, protection services
Most common food: Beef
Percent of population in agriculture: 8.39%
Cow population: 5,314


Literacy Rate: 88%
Average Reading Level: Pathfinder Core Rulebook Understanding
Average Mathematics Level: Compound Interest
Average History Knowledge/Lore: 150 years back
Schools: The 11th Wizard House, The Crescent Saber School, The Belfelheim Academy

Places of Note

The 11th Wizard House is a small school, headed up by Hughes Jameson Oakcrest, 19th level wizard. It has a population of seven wizards, including Hughes at this time. Hughes is vastly wealthy, and has filled the library with incredible tomes of knowledge, but access is incredibly limited. The Belfelheim Academy regularly pays the 11th Wizard House for access, fostering a begrudging business relationship between the two.

The Crescent Saber School is unusual for schools of its type. Rather than a focus on young, budding students, the Crescent Saber School is a finishing school, designed around taking experienced, veteran combatants and fashioning them into the elite of the elite. With only 30 students, the average age is around 30.58, with the oldest trainee at 42 years of age. A rumor exists that the school doesn’t just produce warriors, but also assassins and spies, but that is merely a rumor.

The Belfelheim Academy has stood tall for nearly 100 years. Founded in the year 2010 by May Greyhorn, the first Matron of the school, it has flourished over the decades into the steward of modern education that it is today. With a high focus on the “pure” academics, the academy prioritizes knowledge of the world above all else. History, culture, music, the arts, all are encapsulated in the focus held at Belfelheim’s academy.


Belfelheim Valyim